CNN Sinking Fast, Fast, Fast!

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Do Svidanya, Comrades!

Last year in the first week of January, CNN had 2.7 million viewers.

This year, in the first week of January… 580,000. Ulp! A loss of 90% of its audience (

And in that all-important 25-54-year-old demographic, CNN’s viewership is down some 86%.

CNN has been sort of the flagship of the Far Left Democrat B.S. Nooze Media. Its precipitous lost of popularity has been attributed to a growing perception that the network is full of perverts. Then again, it is a Far Left network and there just aren’t that many Far Left Crazies among the American people as a whole. CNN’s audience is self-limiting.

Somehow this micro-audience has seized control of our country and its institutions.

Let’s pray the whole bubbling mess follows CNN into oblivion.

4 comments on “CNN Sinking Fast, Fast, Fast!

  1. It seems the same thing is happening to Fauci and the so-called CDC/WHO experts. Even the MSM types are having a hard time protecting their hind ends for all the misinformation they have been feeding the public. There are two worlds in America, those who go by the MSM and those who go by Conservative Media.

    1. It’s a shame that it has to be that way, but that is how it is. The mainstream media is no longer even trying to appear unbiased. It’s all agenda driven.

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