The Return of… Oh, Holy Cow!

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I think I hear a coffin creaking open.

Maybe Dick Morris is last year’s potatoes, but he’s out there this week forecasting another presidential run for Hillary Clinton ( ‘Cause she has this “brilliant strategy,” see, and anyway there’s nobody else sitting on the Democrat bench, etc.

First she lost to a freshman senator from Illinois whom most Americans had never heard of. Then she lost to a rich guy whose presidential run was his first venture into politics. She has sort of a habit to losing to newcomers.

Well, fine! Run her as many times as it takes to destroy the Democrat Party. She is a profoundly unlikable character, nobody in his right mind trusts her, she’s spectacularly corrupt… Oh, yes, Democrats! Go for it. This time it’s bound to work. This time you’re really gonna kick the football.

You’d think a party with millions of people in it could generate at least one major candidate who was not a crook, an idiot, a wacko, a jidrool, or a nitwit

But Hillary Clinton is all these things…


5 comments on “The Return of… Oh, Holy Cow!

  1. Hillary appeared to be in poor health in 2016. I’m sure that seeing her collapse while being loaded into her van during the 9/11 ceremony, distanced even a few hard core Dems.

    1. We were never told what, if anything, was wrong with her. Remember her head bobbing uncontrollably? But the real problem is her corruption.

    2. There was a retired physician that did a series of videos in 2016, making the case that Hillary had Parkinson’s Disease. It seemed plausible enough, and well explained what we were seeing. As I understood it, Parkinson’s is treated effectively with L’Dopa, but there is a knife edge balance that must be achieved and it’s very hard to keep someone in the therapeutic range all of the time. So a Parkinson’s patient might be able to function well part of the time, but will have a hard time being fully functional for extended periods of time, especially when they are fatigued or under a lot of stress.

      That seems to dovetail with what I observed; sometimes Hillary appeared to be healthy, and other times there appeared to be something wrong.

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