I Haven’t Forgotten that I Have a Book to Write

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I haven’t worked on The Witch Box since just before New Year’s. I hope no one thinks I’ve abandoned the project.

But you can’t write a novel (especially a fantasy novel!) when your head’s not in the game, so there it sits. Sort of like the way I’m sitting here, trying to find words. Good thing I already have a complete manuscript, albeit in longhand on a set of legal pads.

Yeahbut! You’re writing blog posts, ain’t you? But it’s a totally different kind of writing, and it takes me about three times as long as it should, just to generate a little blog piece.

Well, I haven’t forgotten, and I pray it won’t be too much longer before I can go back to work on the novel. Patty and I are sick and we need to get better: we need the Lord to heal us, and we need your prayers. Please keep them coming.

10 comments on “I Haven’t Forgotten that I Have a Book to Write

  1. I continue to pray for both of you. Has there been any improvement at all, other than the return of your appetites?

    1. I enjoyed my White Castle fish sandwiches tonight, but they didn’t do much for Patty (and she was the one who asked for them).

  2. I know some of what you are saying, and I pray for you two every day. I have a friend here in the local area who has just returned from the hospital to her home and she is better, but still can only have liquid diet. So many problems. It is a blessing to know our God is powerful enough to take care of all of them.

    1. I had a 3-week flu in 2018. But of course we don’t know what you have since we don’t know all the symptoms and anyway I don’t think any of us here has a medical degree — not that such degrees seem to guarantee good medical care these days. 🙄

    2. Actually, at least one of us is an M.D.
      In these matters I defer to my wife’s judgment and my sister’s. Neither of them trust today’s medical establishment. My sister is a health care professional, and Patty has a background in nursing.

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