Those Who Can’t Do… Tell Us What to Do

Nice parking job, eh?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelso wants a new chairwoman for the House Transportation Committee. Her top pick is Rep. Eleanor Holmes (D-D.C.).

Now, nowhere is it written that, to chair the transportation committee, you ought to be able to drive. Rep. Holmes was recently filmed by Rep. Thomas Massie blundering her car around the parking lot–banging into one parked car several times and finally just crookedly shoving her car into a space not really a parking space. She then gets out and walks away (

Have we always been governed by ninnies? Are the Three Stooges pulling the strings?

Have we actually elected these jidrools?


7 comments on “Those Who Can’t Do… Tell Us What to Do

  1. The Three Stooges were way smarter than this bunch! I can’t believe this parking episode. I’d be embarrassed to leave my car parked like that. And why didn’t that man who is noticeably much younger than she help her park the car? She’s probably too headstrong to let him do it.

  2. I really disdain such shenanigans. Driving is one of the most serious things we do, and has great potential for causing others harm, if not done skillfully. What I see in that picture of appalling. They pass out driver’s licenses to almost everyone that walks through the door, anyhow, and it’s amazing that there aren’t more traffic deaths; only the instinct for self preservation keeps some of these people alive; but what of their victims?

    For a person with this level of competency to have any position of responsibility strikes me as a travesty.

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