Jesus Christ Is… ‘Like Superman’?

Crenshaw has been criticized by his fellow Republicans for going against Donald Trump's baseless election fraud claims and saying that some of his fellow GOP lawmakers were 'grifters'

Dan Crenshaw, running for Congress (I think) in Texas and peppering us here in New Jersey with emails schnorring for campaign contributions, came out with some high-grade idiocy this past weekend.

Now, what kind of politician goes at it with a 10-year-old girl? You don’t argue with children–and certainly not in public, in front of a crowd.

The little girl asked Crenshaw about comments he made on a radio show in 2020–yes, someone could have set her up to do this: we don’t know–some blather about “societal hero archetypes”–some of whom were “real,” like Ronald Reagan or Rosa Parks, and some of whom were… “like Jesus… or Superman.”

Now this was drivel; but all he had to do was smile bashfully and say “I guess I didn’t say that as well as I should’ve, huh? I really didn’t mean to compare Jesus to Superman.”

But no. He snapped at the kid and growled, “Don’t question my faith!” Gee. Phony fake Catholics like Pelosi and Biden always say that when somebody asks them to explain their enthusiastic support for abortion.

Crenshaw trots himself out as a “conservative,” although we have no idea what he’s conserving. Likening our Savior, the King of kings, to a comic book character suggests a mind that never outgrew college freshman sociology courses.

We’ve already got enough of those.

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