Were You Asking for Spiders?

Gee, who left this big clump of hair lying around outside? Maybe I’ll just pick it up and throw it away…

And it turns into 7 zillion spiders!

These daddy long-legs critters like to chill out in groups, the more, the merrier. I’ve never known them to do this in New Jersey, but it’s very popular among the daddy long-legs of Mexico. Mr. Nature says it’s a way of protecting themselves from predators. Like, you might be in the mood for three or four daddy long-legs; but a mouthful of a thousand of ’em might not be so appetizing.

Just so you know, these animals are completely harmless. Couldn’t hurt you if they wanted to.

3 comments on “Were You Asking for Spiders?

    1. One day, looking for salamanders, my friend and I overturned a big piece of old, rotting plywood–and found several thousand bright-red daddy long-legs underneath it. We both jumped a foot into the air.

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