We’re in a Hole

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One thing about being really sick, you fall behind–in everything. We are in a hole, a deep one: insurance, taxes, rent, bank, bills, etc. It’s all very complicated. Patty has been managing this stuff for 40 years and I can’t do it for her; but she hasn’t been up to the game since New Year’s.

We’re going to hire an accountant. We know a pretty good one.

It’s only taken a few weeks to land us in the bottom of this hole. Lord, give us strength! We can do this when we’re healthy.

One of the characteristics of this malady is, you resolve to do a job of work, you might even get started on it–and suddenly you’re out of gas. I haven’t worked on my book, The Witch Box, since the day after Christmas.

Well, now I’m going to try to write a Newswithviews piece. If I can actually finish it, I guess that means I’m getting better. Tally-ho. If I fall off my horse again, I’ll just have to get up and keep trying.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this, and I have other friends who are in the very same hole. If I still had business affairs to handle as I did a short time ago, I would be in that hole as well. Praying for you

  2. Perseverance is an admirable trait. Just think what would happen to our country if China set off an EMP in our atmosphere and bingo, no more internet and WiFi. Talk about accounting problems!!

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