Follow the Bouncing Cat

The cat in this video loves to bounce herself off walls. Off furniture, too. Our cat, Buster, loved to bounce off walls. I haven’t known any humans who do that.

None of our cats ever got into almonds. Almonds are mostly a rat thing.

2 comments on “Follow the Bouncing Cat

  1. Cats amaze me; there are so many different personalities in these animals. I had a cat not long ago that would not eat a thing except dry cat food. I tried him on some steak pieces, nope, not interested, then I tried some fish pieces, nope, no way. Then some cats will not eat dry food, but insist on “people food”.

  2. Good background music. She did a great job narrating the video, editing, and content. All around it’s a very nice video. Thanks for placing it here. We had two black cats that acted a bit that way. They would tear around the house chasing each other, bouncing off of chairs, knocking things off the shelves, and tables.

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