Our Borders? What Borders?

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Midnight jetliner flights that you pay for–in more ways than one.

Driving home from the vet’s, listening to the radio: gee, somebody has leaked footage of the Biden mob secretly transporting illegal alien invaders all over the country–first via “secret charter flights,” and then by bus (https://nypost.com/2022/01/26/leaked-video-reveals-joe-bidens-hush-hush-migrant-invasion/).

Yeah, it’s true. *Sigh* Some two million of ’em so far.

What we don’t know is why they’re doing this to us. They wouldn’t be doing it secretly unless they knew it was wrong and that the American people would be angered by it. Meanwhile, they’re out there rattling the sabers–like, after Afghanistan, anyone is gonna be afraid of us–over Russian threats to violate Ukraine’s borders. Ask Putin if we scare him.

But why do they want our borders violated? And it’s all paid for with our tax dollars.

I’m beginning to wonder if Joe Biden has ever in his life been involved in anything that isn’t crooked.

11 comments on “Our Borders? What Borders?

  1. there is a darker agenda hiding behind deceptive rhetoric. We have to look behind the cloud.

    1. They want to give them voting rights because they know they are toast without it. The Dem party needs to go they way of the Whig party.

  2. Looks like you will need to read Peter Schweitzer’s newest book on the crooked Biden family. Joe needs to be impeached, but then so does Kamala. What if Kamala is picked for the Supreme Court and the Deep State puts in a super intelligent demon-possessed person, and then Biden resigns because of cognitive health and bingo, we have a real Mussolini as president

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