Robbie’s Home

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Two hours at the veterinarian’s today, because Robbie’s been acting terribly sick and we feared for her life.

I won’t tell you what this cost; and the doctor couldn’t find anything much wrong with Robbie. Maybe she swallowed something really bad and finally ejected it. We’re waiting for other test results. Meanwhile, she seems more her old self than she was yesterday. I guess she feels better. Thank you for your prayers.

My family has either died out, most of them, or moved hundreds of miles away. Our pets are very important to us.

I think I can forget about working on my book today.


8 comments on “Robbie’s Home

  1. Thanks for update on Robbie- good news. Prayer is always most effective. Some days, we just can’t get into gear to do much. I know that is how it works for me. I’m lucky some days to get laundry and dishes taken care of and after that I’m not much good.

  2. It’s so hard to concentrate when our pets are in trouble or danger.
    I pray every day for you and Patty and your cats.

  3. Try Dr. Roger Dehaan

    He utilizes different methods than most vets and does long distance consults
    (Send full body photo of both sides of cat) I have many animals that he has seen for almost 20 years both in office and mailing stuff via phone consult, he is very good at getting to the problem

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