My *New* Newswithviews Column (‘We Must Be Crazy’)

Denver School Gets Flak for 'Families of Color Playground Night'

I somehow managed to grind out a Newswithviews piece after missing the call for three weeks. I must be getting better. That’s surprising.

We Must Be Crazy

The stuff we put up with from our public educators! I can’t imagine why we tolerate it. You could write thick books about it–every day there’s a new outrage.

Where does this stop? Or doesn’t it?

5 comments on “My *New* Newswithviews Column (‘We Must Be Crazy’)

  1. It takes genuine courage these days to question the educrats, even physical courage, as with the father who wound up assaulted, cuffed, and arrested for complaining about the rape of his daughter.

  2. It took the Humanist/Socialist/Communists/Anti-christs a hundred years to get the place the public schools are today- and according to them the public schools are right on track. If you trouble their apple cart the FBI will now come after you and cancel your life.

    1. There are many more of us than there are of them; we are strong, if we but knew it.
      There are FBI and DOJ bigwigs who belong in prison.

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