Red Pope Shows His Colors Again

Bemused Or Irritated? Pope Reacts To Gift Of 'Communist Crucifix' : The  Two-Way : NPR

Is this crucifix what I think it is?

Francis I, the socialist who became Pope, has called taxation “a necessary tool for wealth distribution” (

And who authorized “wealth redistribution”–and by whom? Shut up, he explained.

Indeed, it’s more than just a tool: Taxation, he sez, “must promote the redistribution of wealth.”

He tries to use the Bible to justify governments snatching up everyone’s possessions and “redistributing” them to layabouts, minus the great big chunks that stick to the government’s fingers. In Acts 4, the first Christians have all their property in common, selling what they own and donating all the proceeds to the church.

Context, please! These were the very first generation of Christians. They were trying to establish Christ’s Church here on earth. From this they could not afford to be distracted. Possessions, social position, business–these would take away from their mission. So nothing was to be allowed that did that.

So he’s saying Biden and Pelosi and Schumer should have de facto ownership of all your stuff so they can hand some of it over to ne’er-do-wells and use the rest of build bigger bureaucracies… and that that’s what the Bible means to say, only didn’t know how–good thing he came along! Instead of a church led by the Apostles, we’ve got Bernie Sanders and his friends. Oh, what’s the difference!


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  1. It makes me think of Revelation 20, and the Great White Throne judgment. Conflating human schemes with Christianity doesn’t sound like a good 0lan to me.

  2. As I was driving to pick up my grandson, I was listening to Dan Bongino on talk radio. He sounded so dejected because of statements made by this pope. I was raised a Catholic and am well aware of the weight the Pope’s words carry. Besides Mr. Bongino I know that many other Catholics, not all but some at least, will find this pope’s socialist statements very troubling difficult to accept. I remember from grade school catechism that as regarding Catholic doctrine the Pope’s words are considered to be infallible, like coming right from God. These statements that he makes are not church doctrine exactly but many Catholics may perceive them to be so. I really don’t like this pope. And that “whatever it is” in the above photograph? Is it real or is it photoshopped? Hammer and sickle replaces the Cross! Only a fool thinks it’s cool.

  3. The early Christians likely shared everything out of necessity, they were starting to face persecution. But it was only for a limited time. Paul would say if a man doesn’t work, he shouldn’t eat. Wealth distribution is legalized theft, breaking the eight commandment. I’ve said it before, but this pope follows Marx more than he does Jesus.

  4. I think you are mostly correct. But there is probably another reason God moved those first-generation Christians to give away many of their earthly things and possessions. Jesus told them, that within their generation, the temple, city, and nation would be destroyed. Thus, everything they had would be gone anyway. Why not give it up, and put it to good use before that time of judgment. There are over 70 verses in the New Testament that reference this soon-coming judgment of Jesus upon those who rejected Him.

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