My Newswithviews Column, June 17 (‘The Pope’s Mixed Message’)

Joe Biden thanks Pope Francis for his 'blessings' in call with pontiff

Why did Pope Francis this week back out of giving Communion to Joe Biden? I mean, since when do abortion-happy Democrat politicians not receive Communion? Read on:

The Pope’s Mixed Message

Meanwhile, American bishops are worried that they’re not making sense anymore, so they want to come to a meeting of the minds on “Eucharistic coherence.” As a possible alternative to Eucharistic incoherence.

Churches forfeit their moral authority when they decide a sin is not a sin and the Bible’s wrong for saying it is.

I think I’d have to tell those bishops that the S.S. Moral Authority sailed several years ago…

And that the raft of expediency won’t hold them.


Pope Dodges Communion with Biden

Joe Biden thanks Pope Francis for his 'blessings' in call with pontiff

What’s wrong with this picture?

Should the head of the Catholic Church personally administer communion to a politician who avidly supports and promotes abortion, sodomy, and “transgender”?

Even Francis I, the Red Pope, is afraid to test the thickness of that ice.

China Joe had asked the Pope to do the honors for him, but yesterday the Pope called it off ( And tomorrow the U.S. bishops will begin a discussion on “Eucharistic coherence”–that is, the teaching that a Catholic can’t have communion and still “act in deeds or words against the commandments,” among which is a strong prohibition of abortion.

Ah! But at the same time, the Vatican has “warned” American bishops not to withhold communion from, ahem, “Catholic” politicians who continue to support and promote abortion. Mixed message, anyone? They say it’s because they don’t want the Eucharist getting mixed up with politics. Well, wouldn’t it be convenient if we could compartmentalize life to that extent?

And the bishops are in a bind because they’ve let things slide for too long and now they have to choose: stand against abortion, or wilt before the political bosses and perhaps lose all moral authority. Who’s going to listen to them if they declare abortion is a sin and then turn around and give communion to the likes of Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, etc.

Please note that all the fake Catholic politicians who promote abortion are Democrats.

Oh, boys! You’ve run out of time for business as usual.

My Newswithviews Column, April 22 (‘A Tale of Two Follies’)

See the source image

Welcome to… the Vatican?

I’m back on Newswithviews this week, last week my brain was just too tired to generate a column. Or rather, I just couldn’t decide which distressing nooze story to write about: there are always way too many of them.

A Tale of Two Follies

I’ve known good Catholics to hit the ceiling over this pope’s zany antics. They’d be funny if they were in a Peter Sellers movie. But don’t ever sell Red China short. They are not our friends; and when Nixon and Kissinger “opened the door” to China, all those years ago, they made an error that might yet destroy our country.

Meanwhile every liberal ijjit in the Western world wants to emulate the Chicoms…

Satan’s Puppet Show

Vatican Invites Abortion Advocate Chelsea Clinton [and New Age Leader  Deepak Chopra] To Talk About 'Health' And The 'Soul'" - Lighthouse Trails  Research Project

Do I smell brimstone?

I fully intended not to write up any nooze today, but this story below is so outrageous, so indistinguishable from really nasty satire, and so provoking, that I just can’t help myself.

Next month, as part of an sinternational [Let the typo stand!] Vatican health conference, the Red Pope, Francis I, will buddy up with…. (God, give me strength)…

Doc Fauci, abortion champ and all-around sage Chelsea Clinton, and New Age wally Deepak Chopra–

Wait, wait, stop! What is this–a PBS fund-raiser? April Fool’s was two weeks ago, you missed it!

No. Sorry. It’s true. The Pope, Chelsea Clinton, Deepak Chopra, along with Big Pharma CEOs and assorted celebrities, movie stars, rock stars, will all get together to discuss the interplay of “mind, body, and soul”–you win a tin-foil hat if you can manage to debase all three.

Really? This is a Bosch painting isn’t it? With some input from Dali. This can’t possibly be a Church function. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

I’m afraid it is, kid.

So the Pope is going to yoke himself up with the worldliest of the worldly, and God keep us well away from whatever furrow they might plow. Protect us, O Lord, for your name’s sake! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Renegade Pope at It Again

Pope Francis condemns 'evil' fake news

What is he thinking?

Honk if you think this sounds even marginally Catholic.

Pope Francis, the Red Pope, in a letter to the annual World Bank and International Monetary Fund spring meeting, called for “global governance” (because COVID, etc.) and universal vaccines, and lamented an “ecological debt” owed to “nature itself” (


We get this from LifeSiteNews, which has been permanently banned from YouTube because Big Tech doesn’t want you to know about things that might upset you.

Oh–and Franky wants “a new societal order,” too. If that doesn’t make you afraid, check to see if you can fog a mirror.

Does anybody really like the idea of the pope, any pope, hopping into bed with the World Bank and the IMF? I mean, is that, like, the gold standard of “sinister”?

And then there are the Protestant LOL seminaries where they “re-imagine” Christianity without… the cross.

O Lord our God, bless your faithful servants wherever you find them… and give them strength and equip them to stand against the wiles of the devil.

A New Creed? We Believe in… Who?

Pope Francis: 'I believe in guardian angels...and everyone should listen to  their advice' | The Independent | The Independent

What’s he waving goodbye to?

This is bizarre.

A new “creed” has been proclaimed by the St. Augustine parish of San Agustin in Jalisco, Mexico–a creed dedicated to Pope Francis I (

Here are some quotes from this document. I refrain from commenting.

“I believe the Holy Spirit speaks to the Church through him.”

“I believe in his magisterium, which is in perfect harmony with the faith and morals of the Church.”

“I believe that his personal opinions reflect the evangelical attitude of the believers in Christ.”

And I believe I’m the Sultan of Swat (oops–slipped).

This came out right after this pope endorsed homosexual “unions.” If you can square that with Biblical teaching and morality, you really ought to be a magician. (Oops. Slipped again.)

Now, I will permit no Catholic-bashing here. I don’t know who wrote this wacky document, but honest Catholic laity are not to be blamed for it. As a Protestant, I know full well that my branch of Christianity is crowded with false prophets.

But how much of this guy can the Catholic Church take?

‘Pope: “The People Are Sovereign”‘ (2016)

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Pope Francis made some trouble for himself in 2016 when he ducked the question of which candidate he supported for president of the United States, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Caught between a rock and a hard place, he prevaricated.

Pope: ‘The People Are Sovereign’

The whole sum of his actions and words shouts from the housetops that he doesn’t believe for one New York minute that “the people are sovereign.” It would be hard to find someone who believes it less.

Don’t you wish someone would ask him which candidate he favors, this time out? Let’s see him wriggle off this hot spot. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone has asked him that. So much for “journalism.”

Can They Put the Brakes on the Pope?

Pope Francis arrives in United States | |

Birds of a feather

A priest participating in the virtual Rome Life Forum this weekend called Pope Francis’ weird take on the coronavirus pandemic “the epitome of absurdity” (

This is the same Pope who invited Amazonian “Pachamama” idol worship into the Vatican last October, and who last month said the pandemic was “nature’s response to [man-made] global warming” and “income inequality.” Father Linus Clovis sums up the Pope’s position as “nature having a fit.”

Certainly not a sign of God’s displeasure. No, heck, He only troubles disobedient nations with pestilence in the Old Testament: certainly not now!

Question: What greater punishment could God inflict than to leave us to our own devices, ruled over by villains, imbeciles, and thieves?

Nature having a fit, eh? Does that mean Nature is some kind of goddess who ought to be appeased? Maybe toss a virgin or two into a volcano?

Is this Pope, with his merry band of toadies, really Catholic? Is he even really a Christian?

I think we really need to set aside our denominational differences and seek God together, with all our hearts.

Is the Pope Catholic?

Five years of Pope Francis: Lots of style, little substance

I get nervous when he smiles.

Gee–what if the answer is “no”?

Well, catch what the Red Pope, Francis, has had to say about the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus–and then you tell me he’s still Catholic (

The coronavirus pandemic is “certainly nature’s response to global warming.” (And also to “economic inequality.” Don’t leave that out! “Inequality” causes natural catastrophes.)

“I do not know if it [the pandemic] is nature’s revenge, but it is certainly nature’s response.”

“Nature is throwing a tantrum so that we will take care of her.” The earth “now cries out to us.”

Forget Catholic. Is this guy still a Christian?

He has also called upon the world’s people to switch to “a simple lifestyle.” Yeah! Put all those peasants back into the 12th century where they belong! Wonder how “simple” he thinks his own life ought to be.

Yeah, yeah, I know… Tomorrow the Vatican will be disavowing these remarks, he keeps ’em busy doing that, and that’ll be all until the next interview.

Oh! If only we had that glorious global government! They’d harness that fantastic Scientific power and soon put a stop to Climate Change! And the Pope, he could be the head honcho of a global religion to go along with global government!

And we have blundered into a Left Behind novel.

(Praying for Cardinal Raymond Burke to somehow be made Pope–like, now…)

Is the Vatican Losing Its Mind?

It’s been some fourteen years since I published my series of articles on paganism in the Church–that is, the Church that is the body of Christ, the brotherhood of all believers.

Paganism has not been purged from the churches. In fact, it’s been invited into the Vatican.

This year, at a Christmas concert at the Vatican, Catholic cardinals crossed their arms over their chests to “feel the heart of Mother Earth,” aka the pagan goddess from the Amazon, Pachamama ( Look at the picture. You can see them doing it.

The show was hosted by a priest.

Uh, guys… maybe you need to go back to the Bible, huh? There is no “Mother Earth” or “Pachamama” goddess. The earth, you see, is a creation: the work of God the Father’s hands. There’s this little essay in the Bible–that’s the book that says “Holy Bible” on the cover, for those of you who haven’t seen it before–called Romans Chapter 1, and you should brush up on it. Really.

Meanwhile the pope himself rapped the “rigidity” of “traditionalists” in the Church–those are the ones he thinks are the bad guys, who stubbornly refuse to understand that “All of us,” as he says, “are called to build a global village of education,” yatta-yatta. You think Common Core was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Don’t get cocky, Protestants. This stuff goes on in a lot of your churches, too.

“Who is on the Lord’s side?” Moses cried. “Let him come to me!”

You can’t serve a “goddess” and the Lord. It is inexplicable that this pope does not seem to understand that.