‘Pope: “The People Are Sovereign”‘ (2016)

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Pope Francis made some trouble for himself in 2016 when he ducked the question of which candidate he supported for president of the United States, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Caught between a rock and a hard place, he prevaricated.

Pope: ‘The People Are Sovereign’

The whole sum of his actions and words shouts from the housetops that he doesn’t believe for one New York minute that “the people are sovereign.” It would be hard to find someone who believes it less.

Don’t you wish someone would ask him which candidate he favors, this time out? Let’s see him wriggle off this hot spot. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone has asked him that. So much for “journalism.”

Can They Put the Brakes on the Pope?

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Birds of a feather

A priest participating in the virtual Rome Life Forum this weekend called Pope Francis’ weird take on the coronavirus pandemic “the epitome of absurdity” (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/epitome-of-absurdity-priest-responds-to-popes-claim-covid-19-caused-by-earths-anger).

This is the same Pope who invited Amazonian “Pachamama” idol worship into the Vatican last October, and who last month said the pandemic was “nature’s response to [man-made] global warming” and “income inequality.” Father Linus Clovis sums up the Pope’s position as “nature having a fit.”

Certainly not a sign of God’s displeasure. No, heck, He only troubles disobedient nations with pestilence in the Old Testament: certainly not now!

Question: What greater punishment could God inflict than to leave us to our own devices, ruled over by villains, imbeciles, and thieves?

Nature having a fit, eh? Does that mean Nature is some kind of goddess who ought to be appeased? Maybe toss a virgin or two into a volcano?

Is this Pope, with his merry band of toadies, really Catholic? Is he even really a Christian?

I think we really need to set aside our denominational differences and seek God together, with all our hearts.

Is the Pope Catholic?

Five years of Pope Francis: Lots of style, little substance

I get nervous when he smiles.

Gee–what if the answer is “no”?

Well, catch what the Red Pope, Francis, has had to say about the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus–and then you tell me he’s still Catholic (https://www.breitbart.com/health/2020/04/09/pope-francis-says-pandemic-is-natures-response-to-human-inaction-over-climate-change/).

The coronavirus pandemic is “certainly nature’s response to global warming.” (And also to “economic inequality.” Don’t leave that out! “Inequality” causes natural catastrophes.)

“I do not know if it [the pandemic] is nature’s revenge, but it is certainly nature’s response.”

“Nature is throwing a tantrum so that we will take care of her.” The earth “now cries out to us.”

Forget Catholic. Is this guy still a Christian?

He has also called upon the world’s people to switch to “a simple lifestyle.” Yeah! Put all those peasants back into the 12th century where they belong! Wonder how “simple” he thinks his own life ought to be.

Yeah, yeah, I know… Tomorrow the Vatican will be disavowing these remarks, he keeps ’em busy doing that, and that’ll be all until the next interview.

Oh! If only we had that glorious global government! They’d harness that fantastic Scientific power and soon put a stop to Climate Change! And the Pope, he could be the head honcho of a global religion to go along with global government!

And we have blundered into a Left Behind novel.

(Praying for Cardinal Raymond Burke to somehow be made Pope–like, now…)

Is the Vatican Losing Its Mind?

It’s been some fourteen years since I published my series of articles on paganism in the Church–that is, the Church that is the body of Christ, the brotherhood of all believers.

Paganism has not been purged from the churches. In fact, it’s been invited into the Vatican.

This year, at a Christmas concert at the Vatican, Catholic cardinals crossed their arms over their chests to “feel the heart of Mother Earth,” aka the pagan goddess from the Amazon, Pachamama (https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/pachamama-pops-up-at-vatican-christmas-concert). Look at the picture. You can see them doing it.

The show was hosted by a priest.

Uh, guys… maybe you need to go back to the Bible, huh? There is no “Mother Earth” or “Pachamama” goddess. The earth, you see, is a creation: the work of God the Father’s hands. There’s this little essay in the Bible–that’s the book that says “Holy Bible” on the cover, for those of you who haven’t seen it before–called Romans Chapter 1, and you should brush up on it. Really.

Meanwhile the pope himself rapped the “rigidity” of “traditionalists” in the Church–those are the ones he thinks are the bad guys, who stubbornly refuse to understand that “All of us,” as he says, “are called to build a global village of education,” yatta-yatta. You think Common Core was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Don’t get cocky, Protestants. This stuff goes on in a lot of your churches, too.

“Who is on the Lord’s side?” Moses cried. “Let him come to me!”

You can’t serve a “goddess” and the Lord. It is inexplicable that this pope does not seem to understand that.

Church Excommunicates Scottish Hermits

Image result for images of westray hermits

Yeah, you read that right, it’s not fiction set in the Middle Ages: there are still hermits in the Catholic Church, and the Church on Christmas Day excommunicated the Westray Hermits–for branding the current pope a heretic (https://www.complicitclergy.com/2019/12/25/catholic-hermits-excommunicated-on-christmas-day/).

They didn’t mince words. In an article called The Declaration (see news link above), the hermits said Pope Francis I “has thrown the whole Church into confusion” and “by his utterances, his behaviour, his teachings and his actions, has shown himself to be indeed a great heretic.” They excoriated the pope for teaching that there is no Hell, for vacillating on sexual morality, and for suggesting that all religions are equally fine with God.

(Do you know any Catholics who are happy with this pope? I don’t.)

The hermits also denounced Catholic bishops collectively for their silence and inaction.

The bishop in whose jurisdiction the Westray hermits are based has declined to comment on the matter.

This Pope Is Crazy

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If you thought Common Core was bad, wait’ll you see what Pope Francis has in mind.

The Red Pope wants a “Global Pact on Education”–sort of like Common Core for the whole world–which, he hopes, will establish a “new humanism” (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/popes-proposal-for-new-humanism-would-wipe-out-christianity). Not that the old humanism that we have now is anything to write home about.

Ya see, says the pope, the purpose of this scheme is “to create a global change of mentality through education.” Does that sound good to you? It sounds mighty bad to me. Maybe we could have a single global authority in charge of all the schools in all the countries of the world. I hear Beelzebub would like the job.

Does this man believe, in his wildest dreams, that Christians who believe God’s word would have any input at all into what is taught in these schools, and by whom? I mean, really, who told him that–a six-foot-tall bunny? Is he quite all there? Mother Miriam, one of many Catholics who is not exactly on board with this pope, says his global Common Core would “wipe out Christianity” and ruin the family. And that’s if it’s actually better than it looks.

Again–just how much lunacy can our civilization absorb before it cracks altogether? It’s not good to have a crazy Pope. Not good for anyone.


Top Jesuit: Satan Only ‘a Symbol’

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It seems Catholics are no safer than Protestants from the false teaching  that keeps seeping into the Church.

Last week the top-ranked Jesuit said Satan is not a person but only a symbol that is “formed” by man’s imagination (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/jesuit-superior-satan-is-a-symbolic-reality-60691). In May Pope Francis said Satan is a person, and is real; but he has yet to respond to this most recent example of false teaching.

We think we know figures of speech when we find them in the Bible. Satan is never presented as a mere symbol but always as the active adversary of the human race.

You’d think this current era–when “Clergy for Choice” act as cheerleaders for abortion, and “transgender” types are given space in the pulpit–demonstrates with stark clarity the reality of Satan. When New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo–Democrat, of course–publicly “celebrated” live birth abortion, Satan danced a jig in Hell.

I have heard that the Pope himself has been waffling on this, lately, as he has waffled on other fundamental issues of orthodox theology, but I haven’t been able to find any news articles about that. A sharp public rebuke to this Jesuit honcho would seem to be in order. Does anybody see it coming?

The Pope Is Wrong (So What Else Is New?)

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It’s Greek to him!

When he’s not busy shilling for the Climate Change cult, Pope Francis likes to tinker with the Bible.

Recently he authorized a change, an editorial emendation, to the Lord’s Prayer: from “lead us not into temptation” to “do not let us fall into temptation” (https://www.foxnews.com/world/pope-francis-lords-prayer-our-father-change)–because, he ‘splained, God is our father and He would never actually lead us into temptation, and what we’ve just put in must be a lot closer to the original intent of the prayer, etc.

Let’s go to the original Scripture, written in Greek. It’s possible Jesus first spoke it in Aramaic, but we have it written down in Greek, which every educated person in the Mediterranean world spoke in the First Century.

The Greek word translated as “lead into” is eisphero, meaning (according to Strong’s Concordance), “to bring or lead into,” “to carry inward.”

So the Pope is simply wrong. Not only in changing the meaning of a word, but also wrong in the sense that someone who doesn’t know what else is in the Bible is likely to be wrong in interpreting one of the few details of Scripture with which he has a nodding acquaintance.

The truth is that God does lead certain individuals into evil. Did He not harden Pharaoh’s heart, so that He could display His power against Egypt: so that the whole world could see that He is truly God? And in 1 Kings 22, to accomplish the destruction of wicked King Ahab, God put a lying spirit in the mouths of Ahab’s prophets, urging him out to battle. But because God is not a man, that He should lie, He did allow one prophet to tell the truth to Ahab–the whole truth, even that part about the lying spirit. And Ahab didn’t believe the honest prophet, and went to war, and was killed.

Not to mention 2 Thessalonians 2:11, “And for this cause [they refused to hear the truth] God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

But then when you’re as busy as the Red Pope is, trying to establish “open borders” and lock up Climate Change deniers, it’s hard to devote a lot attention to God’s Word. He doesn’t have time to excommunicate Catholic politicians who vote for abortion, either.

If he’s a Bible scholar, I’m Spartacus.

Latest Papal Shenanigans: ‘No Hell’

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You never know what to expect from the Red Pope, Francis I. He comes up with some doozies, and this latest one takes the cake.

Interviewed by “his long-time atheist friend,” the Pope said there’s no Hell and that condemned souls “just disappear” (https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-w-chapman/pope-francis-there-no-hell). Am I the only one who thinks it may not be appropriate for the Pope to buddy up with atheists? But wait, there’s more!

Wrote the atheist interviewer, “In our previous meeting you told me that our species will disappear in a certain moment and that God… will create new species.”

What? You mean Christ died for a species that God’s gonna erase anyway? What Bible did he get that out of? I guess the same Bible that says there’s no Hell, thus refuting official Roman Catholic doctrine. Am I the only one who thinks it’s not appropriate for a Pope to be refuting Catholic doctrine?

According to the interviewer, the Pope also said, “It is an honor to be called revolutionary.” This guy’s something else.

The Vatican has officially disavowed the interview, saying it wasn’t a formal interview at all and that these aren’t genuine quotes–just a “reconstruction” by the Pope’s long-time atheist friend. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Is the Pope Catholic?

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I’m beginning to have my doubts about that. But even more to the point, is his head screwed on quite right?

Dig this latest quote from the Red Pope, Francis I: “Listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor who suffer most because of the unbalanced ecology” (https://www.ecowatch.com/pope-francis-climate-change-2479496671.html).

The cry of the Earth? Whose theology is that?

As for the cry of the poor–well, Sunshine, it’s capitalism that raises standards of living throughout the world, capitalism and technological progress: like building things, bringing in modern machinery, cleaning up the water, growing more abundant crops.

But you and your Climbit Change cronies, you’re the ones who want to stop all that! Tell me how “the poor” are supposed to get clean water and up-to-date medical care if they’re not going to be allowed the amenities of modern life. Look at Venezuela, dude! I mean, you guys are always rattling on about “Science,” and yet you want to take away our cars, our air conditioning, our private homes, and our toilet paper, for crying out loud–things that “the poor” would really like to have, if only you and the other globalist big shots would allow it.

The choice is not between living like 12th century Scottish peasants or polluting the earth to death and we’re all gonna die etc. Nor is everything going to turn out hunky-dory if we sign away our liberties and grow government bigger, more powerful, more intrusive, and more high-handed than it’s even been–while incidentally making you and your pals richer and more powerful than you ever dared to hope.

The choice is between listening to your B.S. or going about our business like sane people while completely ignoring you.

Not a hard choice to make.