A Mostly Tolerant Cat

The bed is more than roomy enough for all three of them, but these two puppies don’t know quite what to make of the cat. I’ve never had a cat this calm. If Robbie and Peep both try to use our queen-sized bed, they’ll fight. I used to think they’d grow out of that someday. They haven’t.

P.S.–I got most of the Christmas tree ornaments taken down and put away today. Another hour would’ve finished the job, but I didn’t have it.

And our vacuum cleaner is broken. Oh, fap…

One comment on “A Mostly Tolerant Cat”

  1. That cat probably has been using that bed as a refuge for years and just wants to rest. The puppies don’t know what to make of this whole shootin’ match and can’t quite leave well enough alone.

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