Dogs Dig Sledding

Most of the dogs in this video have mastered the art of sledding: they totally get it. A few don’t.

Going to sign off here: Robbie’s acting sick. Please pray for her. I can’t see taking her to some emergency doctor in this driving, freezing rain.

4 comments on “Dogs Dig Sledding

  1. will pray for Robbie. Prayers are better than doctors anyway.
    The dogs in the video are really cute.

  2. I’m praying for Robbie — and for your safety in this terrible weather.
    My own car has been snowed in for the third day now, and what I worry about most is how I’d get Iggy to the vet in an emergency, not to mention whether the vet would be able to get in herself.

    1. We got mostly rain here. As long as it doesn’t freeze, it shouldn’t be a problem–although the fog was awfully thick the other day, which made driving a bit tricky.

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