‘Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?’ (2018)

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I post this every now and then because here we have a disaster shaping up right before our eyes, in plain sight–and we do nothing to turn it back.

Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?

Sometimes this world scares me. Thieves and idiots have acquired power they don’t understand, and are using it to do whatever damnfool things they please.

One of the results is children who’ve never learned how to be children. What they’re going to do in their thirties, I think I’d rather not know.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

5 comments on “‘Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?’ (2018)

  1. The kids would probably say, “What do we need pencils for, anyway? We have our phones, our iPads, and these nice little transmitter/reader chips under our skin.”

  2. This is mind blowing. I see other facets of this, all the time. Many of the businesses I deal with are staffed by people that seem incapable of even the simplest of tasks. I dread having to interact with my phone provider or some contractor, because there’s a good chance I’ll be dealing with someone incapable of even the simplest tasks. Our civilization is rotting from the inside out. These kids that can’t hold a pencil need to go outside and do something that requires exertion.

    1. Yeahbut, that would take away time from video games!
      Don’t you love it when you ask for something simple and ordinary, and they look at you like you just demanded elephant steaks?

    2. Simple, routine requests are baffling to a lot of customer service people, these days. In technical support calls I make, it has become commonplace for me to know about the product more than the tech support “expert” on the other end of the phone. I wonder when this house of cards will collapse.

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