‘The Passing of Sweet Things’ (2018)

I love this video–but it makes me want to cry. We need you, Lord Jesus!

Because we’ve had so much sickness here since New Year’s, I was a little bit afraid to post this.

The Passing of Sweet Things

Nothing, nothing, hurts us so much as the death of loved ones. The Lord has an answer for us; He has a balm for our wounds. May He give us faith, too, strong faith that can carry us through to that eternal life that He has waiting for us.

3 comments on “‘The Passing of Sweet Things’ (2018)

  1. It is only in Him that our life has any real value. I so pity humans who think it is all about them and their concerns and abilities.

  2. Like yourself, Lee, I have no offspring. The family line of my father’s side could well disappear. The family name almost certainly will.

    Just today, I was speaking to a friend and commenting on how our circle of friends narrows as we age and people around us pass away. This is not God’s plan. When He made the earth and all living things, he pronounced these to be good, and only with sin did this change. He will make it good again.

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