The Age of Slapdash Shoddy

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Nothing seems to work very well, lately. Three years ago, the country was humming. Now…?

We buy jugs of spring water, which are delivered to us once a month. Done it for years. This month we got a bill, but no water. The company said they’d delivered the water. “Not to us,” we said. It turns out that they lost the water.

Once upon a time, the company would have made it good, no later than the very next day. Now they tell us just to wait for next month’s delivery.

Meanwhile, it might be raining, snowing, or sleeting like mad–but the delivery guy will still leave your parcel out there on the step, where it will be knocked over if you open the door. It would take an extra five seconds to open the door and drop the package in the foyer, out of the rain. But they all leave it out there in the rain.

It’s as if the spirit of SloJo Biden has descended on the country as a whole, and snuffed out all that remains of our work ethic. We’re being haunted by him while he’s still alive. Incompetence, confusion, irresponsibility–there seems to be more of it every day.

How do we break out of this?

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  1. It is very upsetting, to say the least. Last month, my son’s car was filled with gas with water in it. He has been working on getting reimbursed for the repair to this day, and it is not done yet. Cost him a bundle, too.
    The wind tore off a big chunk of roofing which was only a couple of years old, and he had to wait for weeks to get a roofer here to do the repair. On it goes, and it becomes nerve wrackiing eventually.

  2. Yep, their gas got contaminated somewhere along the line during delivery – or so they said.

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