I Feel Better!

Close up on one green lizard displaying mating activity by showing its  dewlap and head bobbing. - Stock Video Footage - Dissolve

I don’t know why–maybe it’s because yesterday was sort of a bottoming-out, emotionally–maybe it’s just because the sun came out–but I feel better today than I’ve felt since New Year’s.

Is it the prayers? It wouldn’t be the first time the Lord has answered our prayers. A lot of you have been praying for us here. I believe in prayer. Thank you for yours.

Well, if I had a dewlap, like the lizard in the picture up there, I’d puff it out and bob my head.

Robbie’s operation is tomorrow: please pray for her, that the operation should succeed and our little family can get back to normal. How glorious that would be!

I’m afraid to warm up my rejoicing arm; but maybe I should. Maybe it’s time. Amen.

11 comments on “I Feel Better!

  1. Good news! Yes, when wew show our gratitude, it opens the door for more blessings. Prayers continue

  2. Praise be to God! I’ve been praying over and over for you and Patty and Robbie — and Peep. I’ll keep praying, and please keep us posted on how everyone is doing.

  3. Glad you are better! We were at the recent Faith and Medicine conference in Atlanta and were sorry that Martin Selbrede couldn’t speak because he was sick too. Hope Robbie is better soon!

  4. I offered up my Divine Office prayers for Robbie and her family this morning, and I also lit a candle. I pray that all goes well today.

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