‘Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: A Monster’ (2017)

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We don’t know yet whom SloJo plans to appoint to the Supreme Court: only that it, like, has to be a black woman. Don’t confuse this with racism. I mean, it really is racism, but we’re not allowed to say so, don’t you dare…

Five years ago, President Donald Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Court. Democrats went flat-out ballistic.

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: a Monster!

A “black woman.” No other qualifications are to be considered. White liberals do this because they want us all hate each other. Some 76% of Americans polled say they don’t want a Supreme Court justice chosen merely for her race and gender–but so what? Democrats NEVER listen to the people. Not ever.

And if they had just stayed shut up about it, they could have nominated any one of many qualified “black women” and no one would have said a word.

Except of course then they would’ve missed the fun of fomenting racial resentment and strife.

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  1. My understanding of the civil rights movement of the ‘60s was to insure that people received equal treatment and equal opportunity. I’m all for that. But somehow that has gotten lost and the color-blind ideals of the ‘60s no longer seem to be the goal. We shouldn’t make our judgements based upon race, creed or color; that’s the law. It doesn’t matter, or at least it certainly shouldn’t matter, and just because someone is Caucasian male, shouldn’t disqualify them or be taken as a sign that they are incapable of rendering fair judgment.

    Based upon what I saw in my own life, we were closer to this ideal on the ‘70s. Segregation had been eliminated and people of various backgrounds were finding success and acceptance. I won’t argue that there were no longer any problems whatsoever, but the old negative stereotypes were dying out and progress was being made. I wish that we were doing as well these days.

    1. Here’s how it works. WE are not allowed to judge by race or gender; if we do, that makes us Really Bad People. But THEY are allowed to do it all the time, every time; and it makes them Really Good People.

      This world needs giant chameleons that eat prodigious numbers of leftids.

  2. I wholly agree with you, unknowable2. This “thing” that has emerged is very destructive, and we are and will continue to pay the price for this abomination.

    1. We are all equal in the eyes of our Maker. That’s good, because it means that we all have the same opportunity for salvation, but it also means that all of us are sinners and fall short of God’s standards. We can use that information in a positive manner, and show compassion and fellow feeling for one another.

  3. If you follow the history of the CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA), they’ve always created racial strife in order to advance the Communist Revolution. In fact, creating resentment between blacks and whites was in Stalin’s own directives to the CPUSA during the 1930s and 1940s, and the program continued ever afterward. The Party even infiltrated civil rights groups in the 1950s and 1960s, suppressing the genuine lawful attempts to increase civil rights and racial harmony, but promoting the violent and often criminal organizations like SNCC and the Black Panthers in order to build resentment between blacks and whites. Most ordinary black citizens hated the violent organizations, but the Communists had a stake in promoting them. Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States,” which is used in high schools throughout America, follows this Communist line.

    Interestingly enough, I’m just now re-reading Mary Grabar’s book, “Debunking Howard Zinn.” She covers a lot of this in her Chapter 7, “Black Mascots for a Red Revolution.” I’ve read similar discussions of the Communist stake in creating racial strife in various books by Paul Kengor, Stanton Evans, Haynes & Klehr, and a couple of others.

    1. Charlie Manson taught his people that they could foment a race war, which the blacks would win, and then they themselves could come out of hiding to rule the former minority… who would, of course, be totally lost without white leftids to do their thinking for them.

    2. I’ve always found that interesting. Manson was pretty adamant about this race war. If anyone on earth strikes me as having been demon-influenced, it would have been him. It would not surprise one bit if the demonic forces were trying to cause a race war. Sadly, if that’s the case, they seem to have made some progress, since the days of Manson’s crimes.

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