Will Dems Turn Against Hillary?

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Wall ’em all off, and have done with it!

A new TechnoMetrica poll has 66% of Democrats (!) wanting Hillary Clinton investigated for her role in the Russia Hoax of 2016 (https://nypost.com/2022/02/13/most-democrats-want-hillary-clinton-investigated-for-any-role-in-russiagate-scandal-poll/).

Boy howdy–what about those nooze stories that describe Hillary as “beloved” (no, I’m not making this up) of the Democrat base? After all, the whole country has known for years that Clinton’s presidential campaign paid for the fraud that touched off the whole “Russia probe” that went on for three years.

Two out of three Dems want her put under an investigation that could conceivably–all right, “barely conceivably”–land her in the hoosegow? Can this be for real?

And she’s supposedly just on the verge of making a comeback in politics…

I say let her run for president for as many times as it takes to destroy the Democrat Party forever.

P.S.–The TechnoMetrica poll also finds that most Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, don’t trust the Biden family and would like to see Hunter Biden “walled off from access” to public policy and transactions involving government. (See also A Cask of Amontillado, by Poe. “For the love of God, Montresor!”)

But that’s another story.


10 comments on “Will Dems Turn Against Hillary?

  1. She’s unpopular for sure, but the higher ups have a problem. If she goes down she’s bringing all of D.C. down with her. They are forced to try and protect her.

    1. Good point, my friend.

      Earlier this evening, a friend and I were discussing just how fragile authority has become. It’s a house of cards. Look at some of these leaders, and it’s not an impressive sight. When a member of the British Royal Family is in as much trouble as Phillip appears to be, that’s significant. We’ve seen leaders in other places behave in manners that don’t strike me as dignified or serious. How long before the populace loses all confidence in this?

    2. It would help if “leaders” like SloJo and Trudeau didn’t act like they hated and despised the countries they, er, “govern.”

    3. Too bad for her ol’ Joe already said the next Supreme Court Justice would be black. They hemmed themselves in with that one.

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