‘Not Only Dumb, But Evil’ (2015)

I was reading a lot of contemporary Young Adults fiction, because I wanted to know what my Bell Mountain books were competing against. Lately I’ve spared myself this. So much of it can only be described as dreck.

Not Only Dumb, but Evil

A very great deal of unwholesome evil trash gets pumped into children’s heads by our public schools and teachers’ unions, “entertainment” industry, and various organizations devoted to spreading assorted perversions. We are killing our culture, and it’s going to kill us back.

Don’t believe me? Guess you haven’t been paying much attention to the nooze.


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  1. And it is everywhere, from coast to coast, border to border. It is a crying shame what is going on in our schools and everywhere. Sad day for the once great nation we have called home. We who know the Lord cannot call it home any more. That reminds me of an old hymn.

  2. How do we stop the digital world? We can’t, but we can work to bringing it into captivity to Christ. As the saying goes, work as if it all depends on you, and pray knowing it all depends on God.

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