Question! Question!

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Patty has been watching all these YouTube videos about new technologies and Artificial Intelligence, etc., that are going to eliminate millions and millions of jobs, worldwide, and eventually do away with the need for almost all work, leaving tens of millions of people… idle. And so there’ll have to be some kind of universal handout, a basic income doled out by a gigantic all-powerful government. [He pauses to shudder theatrically.]


If we can do something, does that mean we have to do it? Do we have to get rid of all those jobs, just because we can?

Oh, well! Work blows, as the collidge wallahs say. Not having to work anymore will leave almost everybody free to Be Creative, writing operas and works of philosophy…

Fat chance.

Take away work from men and women, and they won’t be men and women anymore. They’ll be overgrown children at best: sluggards, dullards, and dummies at the worst. Maybe criminals.

This will be the widest door to mischief ever opened.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

3 comments on “Question! Question!

  1. We have been created by God to be workers. To imagine a world where people don’t work is imbecile. Humans made in the image of God are creators and will always invent new things to do, build, and enjoy. The Globalists are the army of Satan and can only envision a hell on earth. My wife and I tease our single daughter that she needs to move in with us and take care of us and she wouldn’t have to work anymore. She answers, “But I like to work!!”.

  2. It would make everyone dependent on the government. That would last until the government decides there’s too many useless eaters. You can guess what happens next.

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