Please Keep Praying for Us

We’ve been having a bad time of it, these past few days. On Friday, Patty could hardly breathe and we were thinking “emergency room.” Now we think that was because her medicine had gone stale. She was much better yesterday–with a fresh prescription.

But as soon as she felt better, Robbie got sick. Just a couple of days ago she was trotting around the living room. We were amazed by how well she was recovering from major surgery. But yesterday it was like the bottom fell out. She’s due to get her stitches removed in just a few days.

It makes me think of the woman in Mark 5: 25-29, who had “spent all her living on doctors” and wasn’t any the better for it. She touched Jesus’ robe and was cured on the spot.

So we pray for deliverance, and we are grateful to you who pray for us. Please keep the prayers coming: we need them.

11 comments on “Please Keep Praying for Us

  1. Prayers will continue. I feel very weak and somewhat dizzy a lot ot the time, but thank God, I can still pray and still study His word. I hope to make it to church by 9 AM.

  2. I’m still sick, can’t eat, feverish, all I do is lie on the couch and sleep or drift around in a semi-stupor, but I’ve staggered to my computer to check emails. And here I find so many others who need prayers. As a Catholic, I believe that we can join our sufferings to Christ’s and offer them as a prayer. So I’ve been offering my illness as a prayer for everyone here who’s suffering, as well as for three of my friends who are suffering with chronic conditions that seem to be getting worse.

  3. Thank you, all for your prayers. I pray for you as well. It is difficult to say the least, and there are many near where I live who are suffering, and beloved spouses are dying, it is just almost too much. The Lord is very able to handle all this, and our duty is to not lose faith.

  4. Thank you for all your prayers, and Lee, do you suppose thewhiterabbit’s reference to leaning on the everlasting arms could be made into a hymn request?

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