A Nation of Prayer

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What used to be called “the Free World” is sliding into tyranny.

We think we have it bad here in America, what with “mandates,” cancel culture, lying nooze media, FBI intimidating parents who don’t like their school boards’ asinine and wicked policies, and the whole government at every level chock-full of clowns, predators, and thieves.

But look at Canada. Australia. New Zealand. Once upon a time these were called “free countries.” Look at them now. All it took was a virus with a less than 1% kill rate. Sent them scurrying into Stalin country. This week in Canada they called out the cossacks.

I often wonder if it was something they’d just been hungrily waiting for, all their lives–to give them the excuse to wipe out our liberties.

But there’s one thing I don’t wonder about. If we want to keep those liberties, and get back the ones that have been taken from us, we as a nation need to pray more: pray harder, pray more often, pray as if everything depended on it–which it does, you know. Everything depends on our sovereign, righteous, Almighty God.

We as a nation have many times acted as if we didn’t know that. We would never admit to being atheists: but how many of us can honestly say we walk with the Lord?

We need to become a nation of prayer. We need to turn to God with all our hearts. We are in desperate need of His protection!

We proclaim the crown rights of Jesus Christ the King of kings, our Savior.

I guess that’s why they hate us.

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    1. See now, we fed you a perfectly good straight line and you let it pass. I knew you meant Satan. But just imagine what people would’ve thought if you’d answered “Why, Stan Rojakowski, of course! Who else?” Oh, well…

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