Peep Update


Since I posted the last update, yesterday afternoon, Peep has surprised and delighted us by eating two square meals. So maybe the medicine has kicked in and she’s turned a corner.

We believe in the power of prayer! Robbie’s doing very well, recovering from surgery–she actually seems happy. If only Peep will keep on eating! That’s what we’re praying for–and we appreciate your prayers.

[I’m going to try for a nooze-free Sunday–although it’ll be hard not to write about the sappy “poem for Putin” that’s supposed to turn him into Nancy Sweetheart when he hears it. Do you still wonder why the world’s bad guys don’t take us seriously?]

9 comments on “Peep Update

    1. The cats doing better raises her spirit, and that makes her feel better. Peep ate, and suddenly Patty felt better. A lot!
      Too much stress really can have bad effects on our bodily health.

    1. She says seeing Peep eat all that foot felt like a heavy weight being lifted off her chest.
      Stress and grief and worry do have bad effects on our physical well-being.

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