TikTok: “i hate capitalism”

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[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

TikTok, the social media platform owned by the Chinese Communist Party, has a bunch of short videos on the theme, “i hate capitalism,” complete with hashtags to make it all look cool and happening (https://www.tiktok.com/discover/i-hate-the-capitalism?lang=en).

These users are idiots, safely and snugly nestled in the bosom of capitalism, too stupid to realize they’re being used as pawns by a genocidal, tyrannical regime. I ask again: can our civilization survive this much idiocy?

Hey, you don’t like it here? How hard would it be for you to flee to China, Venezuela, Cuba, or any other workers’ paradise? Why are you still here? You’re not doing any good.

I never use TikTok, and recommend avoiding it like the plague.

Unless, of course, you really like communism and want to have it here.

3 comments on “TikTok: “i hate capitalism”

  1. People who hate Capitalism never experienced any other system and are usually lazy self-indulgent types.

  2. A friend of mine sends humorous TicToc videos to my FaceBook account. He knows the CCP has access to his info but can’t resist the entertainment – I avoid like the plague it is.

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