‘County School Board Pushes “Transgender”‘ (2018)

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This is what they’ve been getting away with, in the public schools, for years: Indoctrinate your children into Far Left Crazy. On your dime.

County School Board Pushes ‘Transgender’

For years and years parents were in denial about just how irredeemably bad public education has become. “Maybe over there somewhere, but certainly not in our schools!” was the inevitable excuse.

And then along came COVID and they decided to close the schools and teach the kids online, at home. Turned out to be a really bad idea! Because now parents could see and hear what’s being shoveled and thrust into their children’s brains–they couldn’t deny it anymore. And they don’t like it.

The question is: Now that the schools are being re-opened, will parents just go back to sleep, and let the teachers’ unions turn their kiddies into good little useful idiots?

I’m afraid to see how this turns out.

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  1. Not a pretty picture. We can hope and pray that parents have been sufficiently alerted to find a way around this mess.

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