‘The Witch Box’–Finally!

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I have just finished typing the last chapters of The Witch Box and sending them to Susan for editing.

What a struggle this was! No end of obstacles, one by one, two by two–and that’s why it took so long.

This might be my best book. Then again, it might totally fall flat. I have no way of knowing. My books are my babies. I prepare them as best I can and then send them out into the world.

And now I need a rest.

P.S.–I have no idea what those boxes down below are for. I’ve never seen them before.

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  1. Looks like the “Leave a Reply” form, but with the entries in a different order — and of course stuck inside your post instead of in the space after it. I’m sure the helpful people at WordPress will be able to explain things … maybe.

    Speaking of replies, and also of accomplishments, I notice that we’ve gone past 84,000 comments now. Will Byron be starting a comments contest again as we approach 85,000?

  2. Hello, Mr. Lee duigon. Congratulations, i’m so glad you have finished this book. Your stories are amazing.

    1. I’m glad for that, Mr. Lee Duigon. Now I’m translating your book “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar” in the chapter twenty-one.

    2. No, Mr. Lee Duigon. But in my country your book Bell Mountain was published in the Monergismo publisher.

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