So Bad, So Fast…

11 Times the Statue of Liberty Got Destroyed in Movies | Julep by  Triplemint.

I feel vaguely sick just now–not physically, but spiritually.

I never dreamed America would ever have a presidential administration that would do our country so much harm in so little time. Only a year and change. At the rate they’re going, we might not even have a country by the end of their first term in office.

President SloJo is a puppet, a wacky old crock, manipulated by a mob of amateurs, criminals, and fools. They put it all in motion by shutting off the Keystone Pipeline. But that was only the first of many imbecilities.

Look at it. Raging inflation. Riots. A war in Europe that never would have started with Donald Trump in the White House: after our fiasco in Afghanistan, who in the world was ever going to be afraid of us? We were too busy tearing down statues and letting convicted felons out of jail to prey on us some more.

School boards spying on parents, government ordering the FBI to treat discontented parents and taxpayers as domestic terrorists. Critical Race Theory shoved down children’s throats. Movers and shakers pushing “transgender” as if their lives depended on it.

How could it all go so bad, so fast?

Watching this tragedy unfold is literally sickening.

God help us.

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    1. Many in the Christian community see this as part of Jesus’ words regarding His return. The alignments we see developing before our eyes are consistent with what is predicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39. I’m not enjoying any of what I’m seeing, anymore than anyone else, but if this is the hand of God, we can only watch and rely upon our salvation as com8mg through Christ. These events, IMHO, are supernatural.

  1. Just as the Internet and its Social Media has deteriorate our society and culture so much so fast, it also can be a tool for the kingdom of God and Truth. Who is more powerful, the Holy Spirit or the devil?

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