Oops! India ‘Accidentally’ Fires Missile into Pakistan

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What’s next–the Terminator?

So you want a computer chip implanted in your brain so you can do smart things, do you?

Well, India has “accidentally” fired an unarmed missile into Pakistan, owing to a “technical malfunction” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4045853/posts). It must’ve been a really smart bomb: it didn’t hit anything and didn’t kill anybody. India calls the incident “deeply regrettable” and has set up a court of inquiry to find out exactly what went wrong.

India and Pakistan have been to war several times, and this could have, with any bad luck, started another one. Just what the world needs, just now. Because some techie hit the wrong button on his keyboard… or a computer briefly went haywire.

Gives you a lot of confidence in modern defense systems, doesn’t it.

4 comments on “Oops! India ‘Accidentally’ Fires Missile into Pakistan

  1. Place no confidence in man. Thankfully our Father in Heaven is sovereignly in control of all things and will only let evil goes so far and that’s it. His Plan for creation is perfectly coming to pass.

  2. whiterabbit2016, you are right on. Mankind proves day after day just how unfit he is to rule, and yet, they think they know it all.

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