Sheik-Speer He Has Got to Be Re-Rote!!!!

A scary number of people claim to have seen ghosts

Anether vicktry foar “the” Stoodint Soviet heer “At” Collidge!!! We has gotted the Inglish Deportmint to re-rite Plaiys by Sheik-Speer! He was ackturally a Muzlim wymmxn!!

Frist thay are Goingto do a Do-Over on Mack Beth!!! He “was” caulled Beth becose “he” was a Trans Wymmxn!!!!!!! He “was” Queene of Skotland!! Biggits and Haters thay done himb In!!

Then thay wil Do Hamblet,, it Is a Plaiy abuot Vegans!!!! He was cauled “”Hamb-Let”” becose he ated Hamb!!! It maid himb Crayzy so he seed Gostes awl Araond “the” Cassle! This heer tradegy it hapened “In” Den-Mark wen Kennidy he “was” pressadint!!!

Yiu sea theez plaiys Thay “are” Oald-Fashinned,, thay knead To “be” Modrinized!!!! Awl the wyte Hetro-Normbativve privlidge stuph it Has “got” “Tobe” took auot!!!!!!! So No One thay are aloud “to” reed Or sea theeze plaiys “No More” not untill thay Awl get re-rote!!!! Wea Are Thincking of maiking Evvry-one ware Blined Foaleds so thay woont sea It “by” Axadint!!!!!!

Sumb Day wee whil re-rite Alll “the” Boocks oar Elsse jist taik themb awl Aweaiy!!!!! Wee doughnt kneed Boocks no moar Ennyhaow!!!!!!!!!!

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