Is God Trying to Tell Me Something?

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People have been very nice to me, these past few days. Neighbors whose names I don’t know give me a wave and a smile when they pass me in their cars. A director of Chalcedon called my books “masterpieces.” Another neighbor offered to test my wife’s car battery to see if it really is dead.

I ran into an old pal and former co-worker in the store this morning, and he insisted on paying for my soda. Patted me on the back and said to the proprietor, “This is a good man! Very nice man.” And the proprietor said, “Yes, I know.”

A reader in Brazil wrote in to tell me that she loves my books and is translating The Cellar Beneath the Cellar into Portuguese.

I’m not used to this much kindness. Is the Lord trying to tell me something? I think maybe He is. And show me something, too.

I’m guessing kindness is like right of way. You can’t always get it, but you can always give it.


9 comments on “Is God Trying to Tell Me Something?

  1. God is applying salve to your wounded heart. Many of us have been praying for that. God listens.

    1. I’ve been finding it hard to pray, lately. I think it’s because I’m afraid God will just say No to whatever it is.

    2. A loving Father doesn’t say No unless he has something better waiting for us than we would have thought to ask for. Just rest in His love, which is never-ending. I often have to repeat Psalm 63:8 to myself: “My soul clings to You; Your right hand holds me fast.” Even when our sweaty souls lose their grip on Him, He’s still holding on tight.

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