‘When God Hits the “Delete” Button on Man’s Pretensions’

An Urgent Message from Mark Rushdoony

There are many of us who believe in “the end times.” Some think it’s already begun.

But what if there were many “endings”? What if God intervenes in history, at certain points, to say “This stops now”?

Mark Rushdoony’s essay, based firmly on the Bible, might give you a new way of viewing “end times.”


Think about it. In the Old Testament alone, how many times did God act to put a stop to what was happening? How many times did He apply the rod of correction to His people, Israel? How many times did He put down Israel’s enemies–even great empires, like Assyrian and Babylon?

We are not left here on our own. It’s not nice to imagine where we’d be if God did not intervene in history.

Yes, we long for Christ’s return! Yes, we wonder what’s taking it so long. But in the meantime the Lord has not forgotten us.

3 comments on “‘When God Hits the “Delete” Button on Man’s Pretensions’

  1. It is all planned by God, in perfect timing, perfect events, and has been from before the beginning of the world. It is all laid out for us if we will just read, note, and pray for understanding. The Holy Spirit has been sent to instruct and comfort us.

  2. I read Mark Rushdoony’s excellent essay. It would have made a superb appendix for my newly published book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation.” It would have called attention to the fact, there are more than one “last days” or “end time” mentioned throughout God’s word. And strengthened, just a bit, my contention that Jesus, in His Olivet Discourse is not referring to what many contemporary Christians call the “last days” or “end times.” That Jesus’ last days and end times, were about to happen within the lifetime of those who heard Jesus give His discourse.

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