Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

I'm Happy Lizard by HuggleMistress on DeviantArt

Hello! Some quokka named Byron said he was busy with TV listings, so would I please remind people that there’s a comment contest going?

I checked! They’re looking for 85,000 comments, with less than 700 to go. The winner gets one of these cool T-shirts, or else one of this guy’s books with an autograph. I don’t know, I don’t read much–hard for me to turn the pages.

Anyhow, I’m supposed to tell you, “Byron says hello, and let’s have some comments.”

I wonder if I can find any nice tasty leaf-hoppers around here.

6 comments on “Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

  1. And what kind of toad or frog are you, little adorable one ? (Lee, I’m not talking to you!) 😊

    1. Actually, I’m a lizard–a newly hatched something-or-other (they haven’t told me what, yet, but I’m hoping I turn out to be an agama).

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