‘God Does Not Forget’ (2018)

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Ebed-Melech, the Ethiopian eunuch

Who would have been more of a nobody, in ancient Jerusalem, than Ebed-Melech–an Ethiopian eunuch? But only Ebed-Melech spoke up for the prophet Jeremiah.

God Does Not Forget

It occurs to me that “Ebed-Melech” probably wasn’t his name: It just means “slave/servant of the king.” Maybe his status was so low, he didn’t have a name.

But God remembered him. And saved him. God gave Jeremiah a message of salvation to be delivered specially to Ebed-Melech.

Because a servant of God is higher than a prince.

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  1. I often thought about that, and it is one more proof that God looks at the heart instead of the outward appearance as man does.

  2. Sometimes those who do good really are forgotten — or punished — here below. But as you say, God doesn’t forget, and He remembers where it’s most important: at the Judgment.

    The following may be a digression more than a gloss, but here goes: In Dickens’ “Dombey and Son,” Cousin Feenix (Lord Feenix) tells Edith Dombey that she must tell Florence the truth about what really happened, instead of letting the false story stand as a revenge on Mr. Dombey (and yes, I’ve just gone to get the book so I can copy it verbatim): “I do conjure my relative, not to stop half way, but to set right, as far as she can, whatever she has done wrong — not for the honour of her family, not for her own fame, not for any of those considerations which unfortunate circumstances have induced her to regard as hollow, and in point of fact, as approaching to humbug — but because It IS wrong, and not right.”

    For me, at that moment Cousin Feenix becomes not just a well-intentioned foolish figure whom we laugh at affectionately, but a true hero in a blaze of light. Yes, what God wants of us is that we do the right thing simply because it’s right.

  3. I am sure God has not forgotten the blood of millions of babies that their mothers and evil doctors have shed (how many since 1973- sixty million?). This might be one reason why the great evil that has risen so recently has come upon the USA; God’s just punishment and judgment.

  4. God doesn’t forget, neither should we. Maybe it’s time to sing this once more.


    Kemper Crabb

    The judges sat outside the law
    And in their pride no evil saw
    In setting teeth to Satan’s jaw
    And feeding him our children.

    When viewed in terms of cost and ease
    An unborn child is a disease
    A holocaust seen fit to please
    Our own convenience.

    Refrain: A curse a curse the law it cries.
    A curse a curse on mankind’s pride.
    A curse on him who would deny
    God’s image in mankind.

    Torn from out their mother’s womb
    Denied the sky – denied a tomb
    Conceived in lust to their own ruin
    A sacrifice to pleasure.

    The doctors with their blood red hands
    Who love their money more than man
    With greed their god they lay their plans
    The butchers of mankind.

    Refrain: A curse a curse the blood cries out
    A curse a curse the heavens shout
    A curse a curse on he who dares to flout
    God’s image in mankind.

    O rid us of this evil, Lord
    And turn our hearts by cross or sword.
    Our nation cannot long afford
    To live beneath your judgements.

    Refrain: A curse a curse upon their heads
    O save them Lord or slay them dead
    And fill our country with your dread
    And turn away Your anger.

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