First Man in Space: Cancelled

Who Was The First Astronaut? Yuri Gagarin Facts and Biography.

It never happened!

One of the most memorable events of my boyhood was when Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to orbit the earth in outer space, in 1961. The first man in space! Once it was only science fiction. Now it was news. An epochal event in world history.

But let’s rewrite history! Let’s condemn ourselves to ignorance! Because we’re mad at Putin for invading Ukraine, therefor Yuri Gagarin’s space flight… never happened!

An international Space Symposium conference, held at Colorado Springs, has canceled its annual “Yuri’s Night” and erased his name from their deliberations (

That’ll learn that Putin guy!

Yuri died in 1968, in a plane crash.

Have we been reduced to lying about our history? Are we going to rewrite the history books every time there’s a new flap in international relations? Well, here in America we’re tearing down our statues. Of course we’re going to scrub Yuri Gagarin every time we’re mad at Russia.

Has lying become this fallen world’s preferred means of communication?

Yuri did something that no human being had ever done before. It took courage. It took dedication. It took guts.

But it takes no courage at all to pretend he didn’t do it.

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  1. Funny how the same people who’ve mocked the airbrushed photos from the Stalin era, when men who’d fallen out of favored were removed from the photos as though they’d never existed — funny how those mockers are now doing the same thing they’ve been mocking.

    As for Gagarin’s flight, I was in college then, and I remember being so awed by him that I carried his picture in my wallet for years. Of course, it helped that he was “cute.” 🙂

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