Just a Few Thoughts

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Does it ever seem to you that this fallen world of ours is falling farther, falling faster, by the day?

For the sake of ten just men, God would have spared Sodom. How many would He have to find here, to spare the U.S.A.?

Our ruling class teaches, preaches, promotes and exalts “transgender” as if their lives depended on it. Why? Does anybody understand that?

If they honestly, truly, sincerely believe “a man can get pregnant!”, then they’re idiots at best, and quite probably lunatics. If they don’t believe it, but say it anyway, then they’re just plain evil. Either way, we lose.

Why do white liberals try to indoctrinate normal people’s children with Critical Race Theory? Ooh, let’s foment racial fear and hatred! We’ll do it in the schools! Why do we let them do it?

Is this still America? Who in 1788 would have dreamed that all this Far Left Crazy trash would ever be imposed on us–and that we’d sit there on our butts and take it?

And that’s just stuff in our country. The rest of the world isn’t doing any better.

IN ADDITION: Please pray for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has been hospitalized for “an infection,” whatever that is (not COVID, they say), with “flu-like symptoms.” Justice Thomas is one of those just men whom we need if God is not going to pull the plug on us; we can’t afford to lose him. O Lord our God, please save him for us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. You answered part of your own question. They promote CRT in order to drive people against each other. As for the trans nonsense, it’s part of the program to get people to accept things that they know are nonsense, but The State must be bowed to, and after a while the peasants will convince themselves that up really is down and the open door in front of them is barred shut. It doesn’t matter what the falsehood is. The goal is to divorce people from reality and turn to the State for definitions and decisions. Same with the divide-and-conquer. When no one around you can be trusted, the State is the only trustworthy refuge. What’s that? You say the State itself is made up of people? But that’s different. And don’t ask questions about why or how it’s different. Just believe. And obey. Or else.

    Postmodernism is just a new variation on nominalism, which itself is a variation on the ages-old heresy of gnosticism.

  2. How about a different perspective, (victory) taken from my book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation”.

    “If we could go back in time, what was the world like on the day of Pentecost? Before that day there was no Christian Church. That day, when Peter preached, there were no teachers, pastors, missionaries, or ministers of the Gospel. There were no evangelists or even a New Testament to read. The churches, to whom many of the epistles addressed, had not yet come into existence. The Apostle Paul, who at first persecuted the Christian Church, did not even know what a Christian was. The field was white unto harvest, but had no laborers to bring it in, and no barns to store such bounty….
    For the early Church, the entire world lay barren. It was like a desert—windswept, hot, and dry. No oasis awaited the weary traveler to cool his perspiring brow. The Gospel, however, would make this parched land come alive, as the Church labored with joy and hope….
    But is it really worse today than it was for the early Church? Today there are millions and millions of believers worldwide. Christians are no longer being thrown to the lions, burned at the stake, or pulled apart on the rack. There are no Jewish mobs stoning Christians or putting them in jail. There are TV ministries and Christian radio programs. You can travel from coast to coast in the USA and hear Christian programming all the way. Churches exist by the thousands around the globe. There are outreach programs, campaigns, and rallies all over the world. The Church is expanding in many countries. It is growing behind the former Iron Curtain in Europe and behind the Bamboo Curtain in China….
    Let us return to the Church on the day of Pentecost. Everything—and I mean everything—was standing in the way of the Church. The establishment in Rome was hostile right from the beginning. The world was seemingly being ruled by the devil. Even “God’s people,” the Jews, targeted every Christian and, allied with the power of Rome, stopped at nothing (including murder and deceit) to terminate the small band of believers. The early Christians were indeed “a conscious minority surrounded by an arrogant militant paganism.”
    With many Christians still besieged today, what an opportunity we have for growth! The whole world lay before the early believers, and they saw this as a great opportunity. So should we. The fields are white unto harvest. Do we share Paul’s philosophy or the pessimistic and hopeless Dispensational outlook … I will say, in lockstep with the early Church, we have every right to a triumphant attitude, for all power is given unto us through Christ (Matt. 28:18). “And greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (I John 4:4).”

    1. You’d think that with all the resources currently available to us, we’d be doing a great deal better as stewards of Christ’s kingdom.

    2. Yeah, that’s what one would think. Think of all the early Church accomplished within a few short years without any of the resources we have available.

  3. How about another perspective on how Christ has changed the world during the last 2,000 years. I invite all to read D. James Kennedy & Jerry Newcombe’s book “What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?” If you think it is bad now, my my, how much worse it would have truly been, if Jesus had never been born! Wonderful read, so powerful and moving.

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