A Minor Peeve

Stone and Baxter Homes Ltd - SORRY, WE MISSED YOU. How often do you get  this with your parcels, or even worse they are left on a doorstep. At  Copper House when

I just noticed a delivery man pass in front of our living room window, but he didn’t open the door to the foyer. I’ve learned to know what that means: a package left on the step, just in front of the door.

They even do that when it’s raining; but worse is the possibility that one of us, or our neighbor, will open the door to go out, step on the package that no one knew was there, and take a nasty fall onto the cement sidewalk.

Why do they do this? Can’t they see how dangerous it is? What if somebody’s in a hurry, and doesn’t look first? You could break a leg.

Just another hazard in the age of Nothing Works.

7 comments on “A Minor Peeve

  1. I sure understand about this. It happens here all the time. In this little village, you can’t buy anything, so the only alternative is ordering, and that does leave the door open for a number of hazards. That along with being charged incorrectly. Boy, what a challenge.

  2. That’s not as bad as what happened to a man who lived in an apartment building on the third floor. Apartments normally have one door to come in or go out. They did not have doorknobs, but levers to open the doors. A delivery man left a package leaning against the door, right under the lever, and he could not open his door to get out.

  3. Everyone is in such a rush to get done with the task at hand and move on to the next thing we don’t stop to consider the consequences or how our actions affect others. Max the quantity over quality. That’s progress…

  4. It rained here on Monday, and when I went out to get the mail a cardboard box was on the porch to the side of the door but still in the rain! Fortunately the book inside wasn’t damaged but the edges of the pages was damp. Why not ring the doorbell -we were home?

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