Dogs Who Are Scared of Cats

What is this mysterious power that certain cats have over certain dogs? The dogs in this video are sure to be nominated to the Canine Hall of Shame.

Betcha anything, though, that cats know which dogs are going to let them get away with this. Try it on the wrong dog, and the fur is gonna fly.

3 comments on “Dogs Who Are Scared of Cats

  1. Cats can be vicious when they are riled. Years ago, our next door neighbors had a mean dog that attacked our smaller Siamese, and he came into the house crying mama, but the older and larger Siamese went out with him, and the two of them tackled that dog and whipped the hide off him. He avoided our property for the duration. The two cats each tackled a side with claws digging into the dog and growling viciously.

  2. Cats are formidable. I’m not sure how they do it, but they send a message and a smart dog will not want to risk a bloody nose. As I once read: “purring is a ruse. If your cat was big enough, it would eat you.” 🙂

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