New Game Show: ‘What’s a Woman?’

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The Democrat National Committee has produced a brand-new TV game show, sponsored by the U.S. Supreme Court , which drives home the sheer impossibility of knowing what ordinary words mean.

Hosted by someone concealed in a large cardboard box, What’s a Woman? will air on CNN whenever they feel like showing it. Celebrity panelists include Chris Rock and Will Smith in the same booth, Sen. Elizabeth Warren with a beer just like common people drink, and Herman the Fat Guy who says he’s a woman.

“It can’t miss!” exults CNN vice ninny Mickey Louse. “Hey, it’s not only ‘woman’ that no one knows the meaning of anymore! We have a special dispensation from the DNC to use the word ‘man’ without getting canceled, just so we can show how nobody knows what a ‘man’ is anymore. But that’s our motto! ‘Nobody knows nothin’!'”

Peasants from the studio audience will be chosen to sit at the feet of the celebrities and kiss their shoes. A panelist wins the game if he or she can invent a new definition for an everyday word that gets a rating of 10 or better on the Babble-Brewer (say that ten times fast!).

The show will be compulsory viewing for all middle school, high school, and college students.


4 comments on “New Game Show: ‘What’s a Woman?’

  1. “If he or she can invent…” Oh, how binary! {Tearing xir hair out in anguish.) 😛

    The part about peasants sitting at the celebrities’ feet is all too accurate, though.

  2. I’m simultaneously laughing and crying.
    Why must these definitions be up for debate? God clearly defined them in the Bible.
    Ooops! I forgot…most people don’t consider God or His word an authority on anything.

  3. As A.R. Grimes states, “I’m simultaneously laughing and crying.” Nothing else to say.

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