Another Trip to the Vet’s

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I have to take Robbie in this morning so they can check how her incision is healing, do blood work, etc. It doesn’t make me happy, going back there.

Good thing I already wrote Newswithviews yesterday. I won’t feel much like writing by the time I get back. Robbie hates going to the doctor, but I think for once I’ll be even more uncomfortable than she is.

Yeah, I’ve got nooze to write today. Would you believe the FBI says oops, sorry, they’ve “lost” Hunter Biden’s laptop? Looks like they can’t investigate it, after all. And a “teacher” is bellyaching that now they won’t let him tell his kindergarten class about his (ahem!) “love life.” Once upon a time those children’s parents would have run him out of town.

Let’s try to wolf down some breakfast before we go, shall we?

6 comments on “Another Trip to the Vet’s

  1. I understand your feelings and memories from the last time you were at the veterinarian. Praying for you!

  2. I spent time praying for you before I slept last night. I know things are tough. Me too. I didn’t get a wink of sleep until after midnight last night, and I have things I really have to do today on my 4 hours sleep. ugh

    1. She got a good report (apart from the blood work, whose results won’t be available for several days), which was a great relief to us.

  3. Great news. I’m sure she will make it OK. If living on love alone, she should be fine.

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