‘Talking to Statues’ (2017)

At least once a year we hear another batch of reports of NOAA and other government agencies, along with their allied “scientists,” getting caught fudging the figures on “Climate Change” or “Global Warming.” But no matter how often they get caught lying, you can’t get people to stop trusting Big Brother.

Talking to Statues

You might as well be talking to statues.

These last few days of March have been brutally cold, up here in Jersey–I mean January-type cold, temps in the teens. And the other day there was a terrible pileup on Route I-81 in Pennsylvania: people killed, dozens of cars and trucks wrecked–all because of snow, ice, and fog. Hardly March 27 weather at all!

Yeahbut, yeahbut! They’re experts, man!

Trust them at your peril. They are not honest.


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  1. I take nothing seriously that “they” say about anything. Have no time to waste on that junk.

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