Why Did the Cat Do This?

Where are all those meows coming from? The says he doesn’t have another cat, so it must be something on TV–and the real cat not only doesn’t like it, but also has a good idea what to do about it.

A lot of cats don’t like to hear cat noises emanating from the TV set. Our Robbie doesn’t, not a bit.

Do what the cat says, mister, and you won’t get hurt.

3 comments on “Why Did the Cat Do This?

  1. My cat reacts to cat sounds from the TV, although it’s sporadic. She was roughly 1 foot from my iPad when I played this video and didn’t react at all. The cat in this video was apparently pretty upset by the cat sounds on TV and did the only logical thing it could do, bite its pet human on the shin. 🙂

  2. With one of our cats, I discovered I can’t watch cute kitten videos. As soon as she heard the sounds of a kitten, she would come running and start looking for the babies. She was clearly distressed and anxious about it, so I stopped playing the videos. Years later, I found out why she was so distressed. She wanted to find and protect the babies! When we managed to snag one of the yard cats while pregnant, and the kittens were born indoors, we kept the inside cats and outside cats separate until the kittens were older. As soon as she was introduced to the kittens, she became went full maternal with them, even allowing them to try and nurse on her, long after their real mother had weaned them!

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