‘Lead On, O King Eternal’

I’ve received no hymn requests today so far, so I’m on my own again. I’ll go with one that came into my mind last night–Lead On, O King Eternal. Here we have it sung by the Hastings College Choir.

(Where is everybody? Did I miss a day?)


9 comments on “‘Lead On, O King Eternal’

  1. I’m here, but feeling very badly. I was feeling bad yesterday, and slept a little later this morning, but once up, the pains are back, so will have to lie down. Don’t think I’ll be much good today

  2. I was tied up with chores most of yesterday, and then trying desperately to catch up on messages and emails. And this morning, I just finished cleaning the house. I’ll probably take a nap this afternoon. I do read all the posts — and comments — but sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to do any commenting.

    1. I was puzzled when there were only 17 views instead of, say, the usual 50 or so. But by now they’ve caught up.
      I take my nap after supper. Enjoy yours! (You’ve earned it.)

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