The Ghost of Biden

Now he knows how a ghost feels.

SloJo Biden was present at *Batteries Not Included’s return to the White House. Watch him wandering aimlessly around the crowded room. No one’s lookin’ at him, no one’s talkin’ to him. It’s like he’s invisible, inaudible. He tries to talk to Obama, but it’s as if Obama can neither see nor hear him. The former president totally ignores his former vice president. Won’t even make eye contact.

Not that the other world leaders have any respect for him. They know he’s a nonentity.

It’s like he’s dead.

At a very trying time in America’s history, the supposed leader of our country… is a ghost.

5 comments on “The Ghost of Biden

  1. I would feel sorry for anyone else in such a position. But this is a man who’s done a lot worse to America.

  2. Fraudulent presiden biden is politically dead because of his depraved son, Hunter, and his laptop. When the MSM reports on it contents you know it is the end for the biden criminal family enterprise. FL-R Getz is going to nominate Donald Trump to be the next Speaker of the House when the GOP takes control of the House in January 2023.

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