China’s Present, Our Future?

Chinese people are kneeling on the sidewalk while government stooges check their vaccine passports; and the images of this have gone viral (

Kneel to your rulers! Bow down to your masters! All hail, King COVID!

Libs ‘n’ progs adore Communist China and envy the unlimited power of its government. Damn right the Chinese people have to kneel! Uncle Xi will harvest their organs if they don’t.

Democrats won’t quit until they have all America kneeling to them on the sidewalk.

3 comments on “China’s Present, Our Future?

  1. Is that worse than the sheep here in the Philippians, where most in my small town still dutifully wear their muzzle, even when the police or soldiers say nothing if you’re not? I will never wear a muzzle here when walking through the streets. Even when they had checkpoints to enter the market, I just walked through without my mask on.

    1. You are correct. And commanding people to wear that muzzle is a large part of that.

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