‘Mary Magdalene on Easter Morning’ (2015)

Christ Appears to Mary Magdalene on Easter Morning - Noli me tangere  Painting by Peter Paul Rubens

No! No nooze today. Let it be drowned out by the Good News–the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine what Mary Magdalene experienced, that very first Easter morning?

Mary Magdalene, on Easter Morning

She knew He was dead; she’d seen Him die. She was at the tomb to minister to the body. The ministry, the message, the miracles–it was all over. No more.

Then they found the stone rolled away, and the tomb empty. At that moment the world changed. It would never be the same again. Sin and Death are dethroned. Christ shall reign forever.

And then she saw Him, and He spoke to her…


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  1. Can we even imagine the thoughts, the emotions, the spiritual thrill for this woman? He thrills and amazes me very often when He speaks to me. I so look forward to seeing Him.

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