No Vax? Double Tax!

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The state is a predator, too

Rhode Island–founded by Roger Williams as a haven of religious liberty–came close to passing a law that would have doubled the income tax on parents of children who have not received COVID “vaccines” (

And get this: the new law would have also required (don’t Democrats just love that word!) employers to fire unvaccinated employees.

We are not told what moved them to draw back from the brink and not enact this incredible, er, “law.” Can’t you imagine how far they might’ve gone? Double tax on smokers! On people who watch Fox News! Double tax if you haven’t attended at least one gay wedding this year! The possibilities are endless.

Not exactly what you had in mind, was it, Roger?

A whole new mechanism of predatory government is being created, right before our eyes. A whole new theory of crime is taking form: the bigger the crime, the better the chances of getting away with it.

Or, as Michael Bloomberg used to say when he was mayor of New York, punitive taxation is just another kind of behavior mod.

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