Important Crapola: The Evolutionary Fallacy

Ornithomimus dinosaur running computer artwork Ornithomimus meaning  'bird-mimic' was agile ostrich-like omnivore about 1 8-2 4 Stock Photo -  Alamy

When I was growing up, dinosaurs were depicted as primitive, sluggish, brainless hulks doomed to extinction; but now we know better. They weren’t primitive at all.

We’ve outgrown our assumptions about the dinosaurs (adroitly replacing them with new assumptions!), but we haven’t outgrown our evolutionary fallacies concerning just about everything else.

“New! Improved!” What 1950s commercial failed to promise that? It captures the fallacy rather well: Whatever is new is better than whatever preceded it.

This way of thinking explains a lot of Far Left Crazy. All any idea has to be is new–and of course the more shockingly new, the better. So we went from shacking up to homosexuality to transgender and are on our way to pedophilia, and every poor doofus who hasn’t outgrown college is hopping on board the lunatic express, destination unknown.

As they see it, everything naturally evolves to perfection, everything is constantly improving. It’s better if an all-powerful government helps it along by crushing everything and everybody that’s “old.” And sometimes what you need to hustle the process along is a violent revolution followed by a reign of terror. (We are now looking at sickeningly familiar patterns of history.) Best of all, “everything” started just by means of some cosmic accident–so there’s no God, no immutable moral laws, no throne of righteousness. Just evolution. New is always better.

So, yeah, we tried that freedom stuff, it got old and doesn’t work anymore, it’s time to move on… we’ll set up a social credit system, you’ll own nothing and be happy, socialism will make the flowers grow–(please, mommy, make it stop!).

The hilarious thing about it is that nothing is older, staler, more worn-out, more old-hat, more flagrantly false than all the Far Left horse-schiff. If anything resembles the old stereotype of the dinosaur, it’s all forms of leftism. The fallacy contains a paradox.

Gee, what’ll they attach their brains to after they get bored with pedophilia?

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